OSHA Lead Training Seminar (1 day / 8hrs) / Refresher ( 2-4 hrs)

This overview course emphasizes the OSHA 29 CFR 1926.62 construction industry standard applicable to the removal of lead-based paint for industrial or commercial buildings (non-housing) including disposal requirements.

Lead Paint Abatement Training for Abatement Supervisors (4 days / 32 hrs) / Refresher (1 day / 8 hrs)

The course provides information on lead-based paint abatement and the current regulatory guidelines. The objective of the course is to train people who will be responsible for supervising lead paint abatement projects in residential settings; however, abatement in commercial buildings and on structural steel will also be discussed. Approved by the Texas DSHS for Accreditation purposes.

Lead-Based Paint Abatement for Workers (2 days / 16 hrs) / Refresher (1 day / 8 hrs)

Based on the EPA model curriculum for workers approved by TDSHS, the course offers training in the latest technologies for safe and effective removal of lead-based paint satisfies OSHA training requirements.

Lead Inspector Training (3 days / 24 hrs) / Refresher (1 day / 8 hrs)

This course presents the EPA’s Model lead inspection curriculum, approved by TDSHS and augmented by current research findings from leading investigations while offering usable advice from professional instructors. It is designed for people who are responsible for inspecting housing and child occupied facilities for lead hazards and is ideal for real estate transactional lead inspectors. The course will discuss the latest methodology available for determining lead in paint, soil and settled dust. Hands-on workshops are merged with classroom instruction.

Lead Hazard Risk Assessment Training (2 days / 16 hrs) / Refresher (1 day / 8 hrs)

This course is designed to provide training to people who are interested in risk assessment for homeowners and public housing. The course discusses risk assessment methods, differences between inspectors and risk assessors, public housing versus private homeowner assessments, and various in-place management techniques.


Professional Environmental Training

Lead is a naturally occurring element that people have used, including in paint, almost since the beginning of civilization. Workers in occupational settings, with sources of lead exposure, experience increased health risk.

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